Throwback, I guess.


Hello, I guess? Okay, I’m just navigating my way through WordPress. Seems so much like Blogger. Hmm, interesting

Alright, to start my official first blog posts up here, I’m going to announce that I’m officially… Baptised! *Cues confetti and happy dancing.* Well, I don’t know how to explain this whole process. I’m just going to try but I’ll start with some background information. 

So, many many years ago when I probably was in K2 or Primary 1, my neighbours invited me to church. Of course, I was hesitant about it since I didn’t come from a Christian family… Nevertheless, my mom gave the approval and allowed me to go to church with them. One thing that she told me was, “If you wanna go church, can. But you cannot anyhow accept (Christ).” And so, I went. I felt that the church was a very interesting place where I got to meet a lot of people and that offering that we gave was only $0.40. It was a very interesting experience where we got to watch Veggie Tales. (Omg, one of the best things ever!) Shortly after my mom bought me my first Bible – Psalty’s Kids Bible. Up till now, I still have it! 

Let’s fast forward a lil bit. A couple years later, I didn’t join them anymore because I felt that sleep was way more precious than waking up at 8am to get to church at the other side of Singapore, Queensway. Another neighbour/friend invited me back to church and that point of time, I was probably like 8 years old? It was then, I accepted Christ. It was life changing! I remembered that I went home and told my parents that I’ve accepted Christ, and they thought that I was joking with them,  but I wasn’t…

To cut to the chase, I only got to (actually) know Jesus when I was in Secondary 1. Of course, it was then when I realised that the moment when I accepted Him, His love changed me and things started to fall in place and He was protecting me all along. Needless to say, you now realise why am I so optimistic all the time right now. Because I know that He has gone before me and that He is here guiding me with every step towards Him, waiting for me to run into His embrace. 

Lord Jesus Christ is my Saviour, my Refuge, my Shelter and my Pillar of Strength.

And today, I’m proud to say that I’ve sealed my walk with Him, taking on a new adventure in Faith and to show to the world that my sins have been buried, that I’m “dead” and resurrected into a new life, being born again. 

Honestly, I still can’t believe that I took that step of faith. But yes, I did and I don’t have any regrets and I’m loving it!


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