To each his own.

One has a right to one’s personal preferences.

Personal preferences is a really touchy subject to talk about. It’s like how I like One Direction and someone else doesn’t. I began to live a lifestyle where not everything was accommodating to everyone and at times the crucial part was taking sides. 
Obviously in this whirlwind adventure to life, there were just some things you can’t pick for others or because of others. I chose to live a life where it was accountable and yet at the same time, a life that no one would really bothered about. Rule #1. You never reveal 100% of your feelings to others. #2. Never show your disappointment upfront. Finally, #3. Listen. 

So recently I stayed up to talk to a couple people about some stuff… A little heart-to-heart talk. Basically I just sat through the entire bit listening. After a couple of shocking revelations, they turned to me and said, “So Fel, what about you?” and I just replied them, “Nope, don’t have any.” then the sentence came, “Is your life that perfect that you don’t have any problems at all?”. I just shrugged it off and let them continue. As they continued I thought to myself, is my life really that perfect that it’s calmer than the sea? 

My answer is… No. I just try to keep my life as peaceful as it could last. Honestly, there we’re really any problems that cropped up other than disliking a couple of people which I guess is quite common. Because you can’t really like everybody.. There would always be that one person that gets on your nerve all the time perpetually throwing you into a tornado of some sort or something. Some people play the emotional bit whilst I just give the “I don’t really bother.” face to hopefully push them off somewhere else and stop bugging me. I mean you can talk about me behind my back or in front of me and I can safely say that I wouldn’t be really affected by what you say because what for? It could only change my for the better if it affected me and made sense. But in terms of bitching, I guess it doesn’t have much effect on me. 

I like to be in my own bubble and I could possibly care less about my surroundings…


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