Half of my heart has a real good imagination.

I dabble in a lot of, stuff. From photography, to doodling, to writing. A lot of these hobbies that I have, it only takes a small imagination to fuel it. Usually, my imaginations are something like my daydreams, and they spur me to achieve it. It’ll come out of nowhere, out of a conversation and bam, I walk out of the door and complete it. It’s like a craving. You’ll only feel better if you satisfied your craving. 

Imagination: The ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experience. 

Most of the time when people are conversing and I, a woman of little words to speak at different points, I would begin to space out. Like a coffeehouses, I could come up with a couple of doodles or story lines. Then I’ll get really excited to put the pen to paper. It’s honestly exhilarating. Some of them are pretty ridiculous but feasible. Epic love stories and whatnot. Of course, characters. Man, I don’t know who they are but are so darn good looking. I’m always thinking of something or spacing out. It really clears your mind and it’s refreshing! 


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