Happy to be where I am.

So, it’s mid October! (Kinda) Five weeks passed pretty quickly and honestly, I really wish I could rewind time. Wouldn’t that be cool?! Y’know, to rewind time? But anyways, I’ve learnt a pretty important lesson this week. It doesn’t matter if you are having the worst time of your life right now like a mid-life crisis or some teenager’s crisis, I just want to remind you that you have the right to be happy. I know, the things we go through each day, all those ridiculous sh*t that we’re put through but can I just say that you have a right to be happy even in the midst of the things that we’re going through? 

A couple months ago, I watched a video from JacksGap (Jack and Finn), they travelled down to Sri Lanka to do missions, rallying support for the children there that has lost their parents or they are unable to have an education. At that point of time, I was so excited to go on a mission trip to India but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to go. My heart went out to them and it was then, I realized that we’re living a better quality of life of a first world country where we had everything but we were so unhappy with the world, and them? Having nothing to their name but they feel like they’re on top of the world!

Why are we so unhappy? It’s because we’re never contented with what we have and constantly striving for more and the pace of life just constantly picks up. So much for a breather.  

And then, the day before, at a friend’s party, he took the initiative to raise awareness of the children that were suffering and he reminded us of what we had and what we have is a #goodlife. Surely we don’t have the most perfect, loving family on this earth. Constantly needing to meet deadlines. Weekends are never enough. Relationships that never existed. That dog that poops and pees a lot. etc etc. But we often forget to cherish what we have and then blaming life when we let it slip through our hands. Yes, relationship issues are a hassle and if you think of it as a chore and whatnot, you’re better off waiting for the next opportunity because you can’t handle what’s on your plate right now. Hey, if it makes you happier then do so. 

It was a reality check. People hardly realize how fortunate they are and people are envious of the people that has nothing to their name, living in slums were way happier that them. We often take the things – technology, awesome sanitary, clean water to drink and a roof over our heads for granted.

Love what you do, do whatever that makes you happy, do the things that are worth fighting for because the sense of satisfaction is just… Awesome. It doesn’t matter what the guy/girl next door thinks about you, you can dance on the streets if it makes you happy. You have a right to be happy and please, never deprive yourself of it. You don’t have to fall in love at this stage to feel happy. Just appreciating what you have right now would most probably be happy to be here. Feeling happy is easy when you put your pride down and doing what you love. Leave those constant worries aside for a moment and breathe, because this world wouldn’t stop rotating on its axis and just live for the moment. You have the world at the palm of the world at your feet. 

Singapore is a blessed nation. We don’t have a big crisis sitting in front of us. We just need to learn to be contented, let go of whatever that’s holding us back, and go forth.

You don’t know how blessed you are.


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