“You won’t relent until you have it all.” I think that it’s really true. 

It has taken me this long to finally process what God has done just to get our attention, one glimpse from us to Him, to look upon Him and talk to Him. And really, he doesn’t stop till we fix our gaze on Him, like dove’s eyes. He sent His son down to earth to be persecuted by others just so He could talk to us. Don’t you realize that the little things that He has been doing in our lives is actually Him guiding us, teaching us, spending time with us but we don’t realize what he’s doing and yet claims that He isn’t there at all. 

His heart burns with passion for us and all we’re doing like going “Oh, okay.” and we resume with our daily lives as if it wasn’t anything. We’re so consumed by our own thoughts that we neglected Him. And there he comes again, seeking for our attention but we just simply brush it away. 

He won’t stop until He has all of us. 

Bam, mindblown


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