Things I Need You To Know.

  1. That I might get a little crazy over TV shows and movies.
  2. That I spend quite some time on my laptop.
  3. That I love reading books to the extent of the need of finishing it soon.
  4. I’ve always thought of dancing in the rain like in High School Musical 3, what Gabriella and Troy did.
  5. Ciders > Beers
  6. You’ll have to agree that there’s no definite movie that we like.
  7. We’re going to travel. I hope you got those boots/shoes ready.
  8. I hate being late. Unless I really can’t help it.
  9. I sing in the shower.
  10. I’ll keep buying shoes and if you stop me, good luck.
  11. That I love my space just as much as you love yours.
  12. I would go for walks occasionally.
  13. My thoughts would run wild.
  14. I love a good CD playing in the background.
  15. When I was a kid, I used to build forts on my bed with my pillows and blanket.
  16. Soft toys were my friend.
  17. Disliked dolls.
  18. Always love a good cup of drink from Starbucks.
  19. I really, really dislike hospitals.
  20. I space out pretty often.
  21. I have a problem with stationery.
  22. I buy too many unnecessary things at times.
  23. I absolutely love ikea furniture.
  24. Don’t get angry with me should I choose to spend time with others than you.
  25. I’m pretty angsty.
  26. I’m a skeptic.
  27. I hold my own Karaoke sessions.
  28. I’m not the jealous type, but I do get angry.
  29. I’m a dreamer.
  30. You don’t have to bring me out on fancy dinners.
  31. Cafes are the best place to be.
  32. I really enjoy visiting different countries.
  33. I’ve always thought that I’d fall in love and marry a blue-eyed, dusty blonde. (Zac Efron ;))
  34. I’m not a good conversationalist.
  35. I’m a good listener.
  36. Marvel > DC (Wellllll, I like DC but not as much as Marvel. Oops.)
  37. I watch soccer.
  38. Dislike mornings.
  39. A hopeless romantic.
  40. Opinionated.

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