Between You and Me

I’ve never found the words to say, 
Getting closer seem to take more than a day.
It’s almost like I have no other way.
Seems to me, it’s all just a game.

You don’t have to tell me that you love me,
Summer nights, were more than just a fling,
Come to me, you know you gotta be with me.
Can’t you see, you’re all that I need.

We were sitting under stars that never fade away
Dreamin’ what would be like from that day
Keepin’ up with the games you always play
This is more like a finishing race

As the years goes by I hope you’ll miss me.
We were sixteen, young, wild and free.
Thinking about what we could have been.
I hope you’ll know that you mean so much to me.

This is the end of my imagination,
Two years passed, I’m sure there was a little passion,
Tell me now don’t leave me hanging.
I never did told you, this is it. 

Fresh off the oven! Wrote this in 30 mins. Mission accomplishment!


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