Camp One80: #Ekballo



Before the camp started, there was a series of prayer meetings going on for the camp. There was this one day where I was praying and God placed this upon my heart which was a sense of responsibility and for a generation to rise up for what we believed in, to work together with. It was time for this ministry to rise and, we did. I mean the things that God did in this camp was really, wow. We were left speechless and it was really amazing that God spoke right into our hearts. It was like a home run. 

What really impacted me was at the second session where there was a call to be disciples of Jesus. Like BAM. That moment, it shook me, it brought me to my knees and God really fulfilled what most of us have been praying for since that start of preparation of this camp. Indeed, there is a cost to be paid. I was really wrecked when I saw the amount of people who rose and shouted “I WANT TO BE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS.” it was really that moment where I was like “Thank You Jesus!” I couldn’t really express the joy and feelings that gripped my heart that this was a reality. It was happening, they are laying their lives down to not just be laid-down lovers but also to be disciples of Jesus. I prayed for the members to partner with Him and there it was. Kids as young as 11 was floored, encountering Him. I just couldn’t express it. It’s just, I’m so amazed by what’s happening in this ministry. 

Father, I thank you for all that you’ve done, I am truly amazed at the things that you’ve done here in the camp, in this ministry. Thank you for the bonds and the friendships that been forged. We lift this into Your hands God, in Jesus name, Amen. 

Thank You Jesus. 

Here I am, use me, send me. #Ekballo


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