Before 2013 ends…

I would like to say… THANK YOU!

For the times that we’ve all shared, the friendships that’s been forged this year, the things that I’ve done and more importantly, for helping me grow into a stronger woman. Truth to be told, at the start of the year I didn’t expect that I would walk into the next year with really great friends, a really good beginning in school, a new environment and also, leadership.

Beginning of this year, the only thing that I wasn’t looking forward to was ‘O’ level results. Not even kidding at all. I was really scared at that point of time. I didn’t know how my life was going to turn out. I was thinking like “Why is this piece of paper dictating my future?” or even “Why did I even try?”. When I got my results back, I was pretty dumbfounded. Okay, I expected that I was going to fail Science or maybe ‘barely’ scratch the surface of the passing mark but oh well, wasn’t really inclined to that anyways. Then I proceed on to looking at the other subjects. To be honestly, I scored fairly well but the education system thought otherwise. People around me was crying and I was just like, “God, why is this happening? I don’t deserve this at all. Does this mean that I won’t be able to get into poly?” in my mind, I was like “Okay, I’m pretty much doomed, might as well look at the offered choices right?” and so I did. Everything that I saw was a complete turnoff, things that I couldn’t do for nuts. It was there and then, I realised that there must be a reason why I’ve got such results right? To cut the long story short, I learnt that I was placed there for a reason. Everyone’s going to the same school while I wasn’t. There’s a reason why I have such friends, so on and so forth. I am really blessed and happy. I don’t see anything wrong with going to the school that I’m in now.

And now, in the blink of an eye, it’s almost 2014. Time flies when #1. You’re busy. or #2. You’re having fun. #truestory Positions began to open and I had time on my hands and since I did, I decided to dedicate part of my time to ministry. I first started in serving for the worship ministry, then I served at HOPS, then took on different positions in the youth ministry. Honestly, with all those things in my hands, I am really surprised that I’ve actually survived this year. It’s all by His strength that I’m able to cope with my schedules and etc. I feel that this year has been productive and I do hope that 2014 would be as productive as 2013.


  • ‘O’ Level Results
  • School selection
  • Posting
  • Start of school
  • Joined the Worship Ministry
  • Baptised
  • Youth Ministry Decor
  • Joined HOPS
  • Cell core

Really, things just get better and better. I really don’t know why but I am really blessed and lucky. This year has really been a year of revelation and stepping out in faith. I’m really excited to see what 2014 brings! Even though there were highs and lows, but I still choose to follow Him. So thankful for all these new beginnings, may it all be fruitful! Thank You Jesus, for such an eventful year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (in advance)


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