Reflection, Resolution, and Reinvention In The New Year

1. If you’re going to fall, don’t fall head first.
2. Work on thy music.
3. Live a little.
1. Make the most out of everything I do.
2. Write music.
3. Be happy.

Thought Catalog

New Year’s can be a shaky time for those of us who aren’t yet comfortable with the ground we’re standing on, with where and who we are in the current versions of our lives. It can be unwelcome for those of us who rejoice in the fact that most days go by without the need for reflection and self-judgment. That they go by without a virtual hand forcing our faces right up against the water Lion King style, for those of us who are thankful that we don’t hear the booming voice of James Earl Jones reverberating from the sky each night, pleading with us to remember who we are. But, alas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are not most days.

They are the days when we can’t help but stare our lives and ourselves straight in the face, when we are forced to judge what we see…

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