Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions.

Since it’s just the beginning of the year, I felt that amongst all the new year’s resolutions that we’ve all made, here’s a question for you. “How often do you carry out your new year’s resolutions all the way till the end of the year before making new ones?” 

The truth is, I don’t always finish up with my resolutions until like a month before the year ends. Usually I don’t even remember what resolutions I’ve made for the year unless I’ve written them down somewhere. But, what are these ‘resolutions’ you speak of? Resolutions are like things on your bucket list but they aren’t one off things. They’re like a gauge or rather, an aim. Usually, self-improvements, making yourself a better person. Example, being nice. (trust me, it’s always in my list of resolutions…) Something that you should achieve or do by the end of the year. But sometimes, once we’ve hit the mark after the first time, the rest of the time, we just forget about it. 

Like those ‘To-do’ lists, isn’t it good to strike them all off. Besides, they have a reason why they’re on your resolution list right? Why not do them a couple more times, incorporate them into your daily life. Now, if your resolution is to lock yourself at home and rot or to play more video games, please do not incorporate them into your daily life. *cues nagging parents*

Have a joyous new year. 🙂


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