Be nice.

I’ve heard this like a billion times, “be nice”. You see, when you’re being nice to someone, you need no motive. HOWEVER, you can’t definitely be nice to everybody right? Every time someone tells me to be nice to someone, they know that there has to be a reason where I’m not being nice to a certain person. Because we’re all different in nature, and besides, ‘nice’ isn’t really in my dictionary. Given that I grew up being mean to people around me, this is really a huge improvement. You see, I’ve been trying really hard to be nice to people but seriously, some people just needs a punch in their face and really, that’s the truth. Being nice to someone that I dislike is like asking me to like them. ARE YOU NUTS? Of course you are. Generally, I’m nice to new people and whatnot, but if I’ve grown to dislike you, here’s something to reflect on. 

But truth is, if I’m being nice to you? That’s something to remember.


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