Week 4:

The story below wasn’t based on a true story. It’s a compilation of things I’ve seen and read. So yes, believe it if you must, it’s pretty much how love works sometimes. 

So yes, IT’S WEEK FOUR. (actually, five ’cause it’s already Sunday but for me it starts on a Monday. – Boo, mondays.) Less than four more weeks of schools which means… Finals are approaching. (more thumbs down) I’m actually quite excited for school to end. Yes, I’ll miss my newfound friends/classmates but still, holidays people, they are way more important than… School. Which explains why I’ve been absent. I miss holidays. Can’t wait to make the trip out of town and enjoy another busy city’s life. 

I love midweeks and y’know why? Because it’s HTM offsites – it happens every alternate week where I can bring my inner tourist out. And this week we managed to go… SENTOSA. It was absolutely amazing, the weather was perfect and there wasn’t a lot of people to judge me being all touristy and stuff. I had tons of fun but it was really tiring. By mid-afternoon I was completely exhausted. 

Thankful for the little getaways – from the city life. 


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