Tuesday Thoughts.

This is the last time I’d let you through my doors.

If I fall in love with you, I’m giving you permission to break my heart.
You’ll love me for who I am, right?

Hello there! Here’s yet another series of rambles and in actual fact, it’s the 50th post here! Okay, so what’s this lowlife going to talk about today? To be very honest with y’all here, I don’t know cause my thoughts are all jumbled up and they’re screaming, “Let me out! Let me outta here! Damn it.” and I’m all, “stahp it, I’m tired.”.

Basically, it’s been pretty shitty. I think my dementia has gotten worse. Why? Because I forgot three items yesterday and I had to unlock my house door three times. Thank God I wasn’t late for school. Also, minutes ago, I rushed back to class from the interchange just because I left it in class. Ugh, #storyofmylife #goodjobfel.

Anyway, back to whatever topic I was on. Lately I’ve been thinking, what if I got together with the person that I really liked? My answer would be: 1. Is this for real? 2. You must be kidding me. 3. Snap out of it, you’re dreaming. I mean, getting together with someone isn’t a joke when you’re going to think marriage and of course till the end, death. “Till death do us part.” ? To be brutally honest, I don’t know if I’m capable to even see myself happy or even beyond that, even in a relationship. Like yeah, relationships nowadays are like so easy going and all. Everyone has their fears of ending up brokenhearted right? But if you willingly put yourself in a relationship, aren’t you giving your partner the ‘ability’ to break your heart? I’m not saying that you will but isn’t it so? It matters a lot more than that guy cherishing you and all but guarding your heart as well. I don’t see a future that consisted of us.

That aside, it’s three more weeks till school ends. (Not counting this week of course.)


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