Hey Gramps, what would it be like if you were still alive? 

How family dinners would be like?

Would I still be the ‘favoured’ kid of the entire house even if there are others smarter, brighter than me?

Would you be supporting me in every way possible? 

Would you be the grandpa that I would sit with at night and listen to stories about dad and uncles? 

Would you still love me after all the things I’ve done? 

You’ve been gone for the past eighteen years of my life, the last grandchild you had met was me. You’ve never visited my other cousins when the were first born into this world but you came to see me. I’ve always thought that you had given my cousins their chinese names but no, you only picked mine. You named me 静佩 which means, (quiet/peace/silence and well, 佩 means to be looked up upon.) but it sounds like, 敬佩. Hah, it’s like a pun. 

Oh gramps, you’ve made me feel very special even though I didn’t know you for a long time. Dad often tells me about you, I really miss you. Time and time again, I wished that you were still around. I would really wonder how life would be if you were still around. 

Till now, I often pray that I’ll meet you in heaven. I miss you, gramps. 


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