#badlucktuesday is back with a vengeance. Why? Oh, I realised my tooth was chipped. I’d blame popcorn but I haven’t had it in a while and I had porridge for lunch so… Maybe it’s the cookie. Oh well, at least it’s only chipped. :/

Right now, I’m doing something that I haven’t done in a long while. Sitting down, sipping on Iced Milo and blogging live from a cafe. (I’m technically sitting at a coffeehouse, downtown but whatever.) As I was sitting here, I thought of a lot of things. One of it consisted of going to the toilet and pee, which I can’t, cause I’ll lose my seat. Another was thinking about how to I get my wallet fixed. Super bummed cause the zip doesn’t zip anymore. Depressing, isn’t it? Finally, watching people being  people.

So it’s 6.12pm and hello rush hour. Not feeling cozy… At all.

I see… Couples, elderly, the working people and others. Sometimes I just wonder how their day went. Was it anything close to my day. I didn’t really have a shitty day so I hope that they’re feeling good. They should be, cause they can go home now or on their date. :/ This world and it’s actions are cycles. Just like life.


Of course along the way there’s school, meeting someone, falling in love, getting married and having children etc etc. Part and parcels of life. But sometimes not everyone’s life goes as smoothly as a timeline would show. At times its cut short, times where there isn’t any chance at all. Everyone dreams of a normal life right? Filled with adventures or living peacefully in your confines. One day you’re just feeling like you’re on top of the world and the next thing you know it, it all comes crashing down. One day you’re living normally, the next you’re not. Life’s way beyond unpredictable. Truth to be told, some of us are just waiting for something to hit us in the face.

I used to think that nothing in the world scares me… Until I found out that I’m not really a fan of certain heights, I really dislike creepy bugs, creepy people, lizards, cockroaches, other things that crawls or flies, and many other things in this world. We were made with an expiry date. We won’t be alive on this place for eternity, we’re all going to die eventually. I’m not saying that I welcome death, or waiting for a death sentence to be served on a document through a doctor. In fact, I fear death. I’m scared to receive a death sentence. I fear that my time would be cut short. I fear that I’ll lose the ones around me. I’m scared that I’m not well-prepared. But what can I do if it chooses to strike?

I’ve concluded that this isn’t an easy life. Either we make it or we break it. I know that a day that my maker would call me home but I hope that in this life, I’ve made an impact.

ah, what a complicated tuesday evening. 


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