Did you know… IT’S MARCH!

My heart doesn’t behave the way my brain wants to. 

Girls, if you don’t know, if a guy wants to talk to you, they would talk to you. If they don’t, they wouldn’t even make an attempt to.

Let’s move on

So… HELLO MARCH. I believe that this month would be a wonderful month. Because I’m believing for better things to happen and it’s the holidays now! That means I get to eat sleep and rot. I’m totally behaving the opposite way of not being #nua.

It’s been two months since the year started and I’m just feeling pretty awesome for surviving so here’s to another ten months of 2014! *cues glasses clinking*

So recently when I was out with a friend at a local cafe, I chanced upon this wedding catalogue of some sort and in it was beautiful pictures of various weddings that were shot by local wedding photographers and inside, there was this quote of a poem..

“It is so easy for me to love you that it frightens me. I’ve never been good at anything. But I’ve never wanted anything so much as I want to hold you every waking minutes. And every night while I sleep. The question has ceased to be ‘How do I love you?’ and has become ‘How would I ever stop?’.
– E.C.

For a period of time in my life, this poem has spoken to me and I could really relate to that. But instead of a relationship with someone else, let’s relate it back our relationship with God. You see, God loves us in every moment that we breathe. He loves us when we sin. He loves us even when we don’t love Him back. Although the examples that I’ve listed sorta makes Him sad but it’s true, He still loves us. He made us to love Him. He doesn’t force us to love Him back or stops loving us. He doesn’t go like “Hey, how do I love Fel?” or like “How am I supposed to love her after she’s done that?”. Him continually loving us shows of His unconditional love. It took me awhile to wrap my head around this thought. But I just thought, why not I write this down here.



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