I don’t know what to title this but anyways, I PASSED MY BASIC THEORY TEST! 50/50 muahahahaha. THANK YOU JESUS! I’m one step closer to getting my driver’s license.

// This will take forever to get posted up. Definitely would be saved as a draft before posting it days after. //

I just want to say that I’ve gotten over you. And even though I would think of you occasionally, now and then, I wouldn’t put myself in much misery by overthinking it. I would understand if you never think of me and I’m not asking you to think of me. I wanted to let you know that the time that I’ve spent thinking about what could happen between us is not important anymore. I don’t care if you hold another girl’s hand and walk down the street, I don’t care if that girl’s someone we know, and I don’t even care if you marry her, I just don’t care anymore. I’ve realised that happiness is dictated by my actions. Leaving this behind would make me happier, why not? There things that I just can’t force nature to make it happen, so let it gooooooo. (oh damn, I’ve been waiting to say this) I’ve learnt that I need not be in a relationship with someone or for the guy I like to like me back to be happy. If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen eventually. I might meet someone even better. (sorry) but he’ll meet someone better. Look at how Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens turned out? They had the chemistry and all but they met someone else. So hey, go meet someone new, fall in love, have your happily ever after. 

As for me, I think all these love and relationship things can wait for awhile. I still think that I want to stay single for awhile more. I want to enjoy the process of being single and meeting new people. I haven’t seen much about the world. Oh, I don’t need to someone to come and ask me “Hey, can I ask you out on a date?” okay, maybe he should and I like old school or you could just ask me to hangout with you. That’s fine.

Until then, I’m young, wild and freeeeeee.


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