Days, Months, Years.

I’ve been breathing on this earth for 18 years, 2 months and 19 days and there’s a long way ahead of me. Year 2’s gonna begin in a month, I’m still bumming around after my trip to Korea and I think I’m going to bum around for the next month as well. If you ask me what I’ve done for the past eighteen years of my life, I can honestly say that I’ve done nothing much. If you asked me if I’ve ever inspired someone, I sure hope that I did. If you asked me if I’ve ever dreamed, I definitely did. But if you asked me if I’ve done anything that I could be proud of or even happy about, I’m pretty sure I could tell you a long story about it.

Okay, if you didn’t know, I’ve participated in tons of talent shows and whatnot since primary school.  It all began when I was in primary 3 where my school had this Talent Platform gig where students are able to perform during recess and of course I participated it with one of my best friends and we sang in front of the school, or whoever was there watching. I’m pretty sure some of my friends watched me perform ever since then all the way till secondary school. Okay, fast forward a little to secondary school. I began performing “full-time” when I joined Choir as my CCA. It was supposedly to be quite ‘slack’ as they said and boy, you were dead wrong. There were theory lessons on Tuesday afternoons and then practice for school performances/SYF on other days and that didn’t stop until secondary two. Honestly, I didn’t thought that getting involved in music would make any difference in my life. Well, it lasted till the day where in secondary 2 where I was signed up to perform/compete during the school’s Chinese New Year celebration. It lasted for three years. #notevenkidding Who knew that people weren’t sick of my appearance in 3/4 of school events. As a matter of fact, I had fans too. #glorymoment (kidding) But I’m really thankful for the people who supported me or else, where would I find joy in doing when it came to serving the school? 😉 I’m really happy that people actually liked me. *inserts shocked face :O* Naturally, I think like the whole school knows me or something.

But anyways, my singing career or whatever was left of it was dumped into the thrash when I entered poly. (PS: Singing for ministry is whole different idea even though it’s singing.)

So years later, walking down this road, I’m going to figure out what I want from life but as for right now, I’m going to enjoy every part of it. I’ve dreamed of many things, things that I wanted it to happen so badly that I did some things on impulse like applying for a position in a drama school. #IRegretNothing

I hope that I’ll still be this reckless after a decade. 


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