Falling too fast, falling too hard.

It’s way past midnight, and I’m about to talk about my feelings.

I’ve never made a bold statement about how I didn’t need men in my life, I’ve never really stated how I felt about them, I’ve never really thought about how I should be feeling about them. So if there’s one thing that I could actually pick out and learn from FRIENDS is probably to be a lil’ like Ross. Okay, so yeah, Ross is kinda like doof being a divorcee and all, but there was one thing that he never really forgot, liking/loving Rachel. He spent his entire high school life having a crush on her and years down the road when they met again at Central Perk, it was as if he never stopped loving her.

I want to spend my life loving someone that’s worth loving. Not dreaming about loving someone.

We could all deny our feelings but at the end of the day, if fate wants us together, there’s no hiding. Be it being 19 or 25, I just hope that I would be loving someone that would be worth loving for the rest of my life. I’m nineteen, I believe in fate and you could call me a fool. I think that I’m falling in love with the idea of falling in love with someone. As great as it plays out in my head, I’m not really sure how thing whole thing’s going to work out cause honestly, movies are the worst references.

I want you to be the person that I will waltz with across the ballroom, I would accidentally step on your foot (vice-versa) and we would just spend the night laughing away at the table and then you’ll bring me out to the fountain outside and kill me go down on one knee and propose to me or just kiss me. When it rains, we’re gonna run and kiss in the rain like Noah and Allie. Yeah right. We’re going to decorate our house with fairy lights, we’re going to celebrate Christmas and every other festivities like a family, inviting our friends over. We’re not going to do over-the-top couple stuff cause to be honest, I really dislike Publicly Displaying of Affections. As much I love you, I do but I’m just not comfortable with it. Sure we can hug and kiss and stuff but well, not all the time when we’re out. I hope we’ll have our little adventures from time to time. Revisiting places that made an impact on our childhood. I love the idea of you.#clichemuch

I want to fall in love with you a little more every single day.

#happyaprilfools #Icanbeawriternow


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