Five things that I’ve learnt over the week.

1. A relationship doesn’t determine happiness. 
Yeah, it’s great to have that feeling that the person you like, likes you back but hey, it doesn’t guarantee long-term happiness. Besides, you have the power to be happy and no one can control your emotions

2. It’s not entirely true that it turns a guy/girl off by not being prim and proper. 
Tested and proven. Besides, if you’re going to be with him/her for the rest of your life and you’re not going to unleash your inner beast that’s dying to devour it’s meal? If you don’t, congratulations, you’ve drilled it into your system. 

3. A good piece of work isn’t just based off determination. 
Sometimes, you’ve just gotta get down and dirty and putting your hands into the plough. 

4. He isn’t your world.
Girls, your boyfriend isn’t your entire world. Remember: YOU HAVE YOUR WORLD, YOUR SOCIAL LIFE TOO. They need to spend time with their buds too. Guys, vice-versa yeah?

5. If you’re going to fall, just pray that you don’t fall head first. 
The human mind is a scary scary place. Just by thinking of various possibilities, it’s more than enough to ruin you.


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