Hello all you fine and lovely people, how was Good Friday, Easter weekend? 
I thought that service yesterday was amaaaaazing! It was ridiculously fun especially during worship. You can’t believe how much God pours out into our lives when we pour our hearts to Him. I tell you, to be fully surrendered to Him was the best thing ever, to have His love flowing through your body, just shocking you is just way more than tinglyI’m on a roll, baby. I haven’t felt so free in worship, and if God can do this in my life, I’m pretty sure that He can do this in everyone else’s life. Worship is more than just singing songs to exalt and praise Him, it’s about getting intimate with Him, another step closer to Him, to express your feelings, to pour out your heart in the spirit, to be one with Him. 

I’m excited for Him to move in our midst at T.G.I.F! God, break into our hearts again once more. We want to be one with You and Your word! 



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