Slowly, bit by bit.

I’m falling in love with you and slowly, bit by bit, I’m beginning to love everything about you. 

So, yes it’s almost thursdaaaaay. #yayyyyy 
And, I’m looking for to the weekends as well! #yayforweekends
So recently I’ve been watching a couple of movies of different genres and then I came across Beautiful Creatures. I actually thought that it was quite good even though I spent half of the time doing some other stuff. :/

I secretly think that I belong in the Victorian Era, or 70’s/80’s or… Some place that believes in Midsummer’s Love. 

Here’s the thing, I spend some of my time dreaming about cotillions, luncheon, tea parties, balls, dinner parties etc. And some of the other times I groove like I’m in the 70’s/80’s. I highly suspect that I have an old soul trapped inside of me sometimes. Hey Betty. Well, the remaining time, I think of Midsummer’s Eve. I put too much useless stuff in my mind. I think of finding love in the most cliché way that there is. But we can’t have it all right? Technically, I have none of it, so can I have one? Just kidding.



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