So lately I’ve been thinking, if I had a time machine that’s good for one use, where would I go? To the future or back to the past? And then I thought, “wouldn’t it be swell to go back to the 50s/60s?”. And so I proceeded to think on, I actually do wish that if I had the chance, I would want to live in the 60s, groove like them too. Roller-rinks > clubs and restaurants > bars (maybe. Debatable, actually.) To be honest, I really want to visit a roller-rink. I used to have this pair of roller skates and they were the most fun things I ever played with. Also because back then Heelys were the in thing and that my parents refused to buy that for me because they were too expensive. They still are though. Speaking of which I want to buy one again. I gave mine away cause it was too small for me already, so if I do see one again, I’d buy them. Roller skates > Heelys > Rollerblades.


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