Right now, I’m sitting at Starbucks thinking of what to do with my life to survive the remaining few days before the mid-sem break begins and honestly, I’m not holding up well. I’ve been feeling so lazy and the amount of movies that I’ve watched the past few days is enough to reach probably the amount of movies that I’ve watched during the holidays.. (Because I watched Friends and The Blacklist during the holidays so the amount of movies that I’ve watched was like… three. :/)

I wish I could do reviews of movies… 

Anyways, I managed to watch The Normal Heart last night and it was really good. The story is based on the autobiographical play by Larry Kramer and the plot surrounds Ned Weeks (Mark Ruffalo), a writer and gay activist who realises that something viral that’s infecting the gay community, co-founded GMHC (a HIV advocacy group) and worked with Dr. Emma Brookner (Julia Roberts), a doctor who’s studying and the most experienced person with the strange outbreak. She then encouraged abstinence in the community to prevent further transmission of the virus however, it caused an outrage amongst them, thinking that what she said were all lies. Ned then seeks the help of closeted gay newspaper writers but they refused to come out and then he met and fell in love with Felix Turner, also a writer for the New York Times. 

Long story short, AIDS is no laughing matter. It’s an STD that’s not easily cured. Yes, there are medicines that prolong their lifespan but back in 2012, 1.8 million people died of HIV/AIDS and an estimated 3.34 million children worldwide are living with HIV. It took the US government at least 5 years to publicly acknowledge that AIDS is a disease that doesn’t only occur on gay men. By that time New York and Los Angeles has a climbing rate of infections each years together with the mortality rate. 

So what I’m saying is that AIDS can affect anyone. Straight, Bi, Heterosexual or whatever sexuality, race, age, you, me. Anyone. 


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