Hello! I’m finally back from the hectic week where I had 2 camps and seen everybody else for almost up to 10 days within that period of time. #absoluteinsanity

So basically, XY Camp + Love Empowered = 5 days of workout. And this year I might just have exceeded my yearly limit of soccer. But anyways, > 7 goals this ‘season’. #whoscounting?

But yeah, it’s another two days till school reopens again. But it’s okay, EIGHT MORE WEEKS ONLY! Before I get an almost 2 months long holidays!

PS: It took me three days to actually finish up with this post. Well, make that four. 

All is well I guess, recently, nothing much went on. Just that I mentioned the werkouts I did was pretty physically draining. Not even kidding. Until now I’m still suffering from severe lack of sleep. I cannot even. It’s like as much as I want to sleep, I just can’t sleep but when I don’t want to sleep, sleep is calling out to me. So, before I start YOLO-ing again, I need to remind myself that school starts next week… Time to settle down and focus.

F O C U S. HAHA, can you see it? It’s already slipping away hahahaha. But anyways, I thought that June was a month for myself to rediscover what I loved doing and what was my priorities. Besides, where got time to be so hung up on boys and stuff right? I can barely cope with what I have on hand and what I should’ve completed. Nevertheless, humans are selfish therefore, I am. I’d love to take all the time in the world to sleep and not wake up. Because some days I really don’t want to, not because I don’t wanna get on with life but it IS life. To lie in bed, texting, facebooking etc etc and just enjoy time with me and my bed. My, myself and bed. :O

Regardless of which, with all the things on hand, I’m beginning to find out if I could actually make 24 hours a day worthwhile. During this period of time, I realised that even as I spend so much time with people, what am I actually gaining from it wasn’t all that important. It was what people have gotten from me and vice-versa when I met them. It’s amazing that so many things happens in a day and time doesn’t really seem to slip away from you when you realise that there are more things that are happening right in the same moment just that it wasn’t on you. It’s pretty funny how it affects you indirectly, like getting hit on by Miley’s Wrecking Ball. HAHAHAH.

But yeahhhhh, here’s to an amazing second half of the year!



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