When the clock struck 12, the pretty ball gown turned into rags, the carriage changed into a pumpkin, the mighty steeds became mice, the tiara was just a hairband and Prince Charming picked the glass slipper up and kept it for himself.

And then she woke up.

The ball didn’t happen, she never met him,  there weren’t fairy godmothers, the mice reminded her of her best friends from school, to her surprise that they were strikingly similar to the little creatures and she wasn’t even Cinderella even if her name was Ella. But, it was all a dream.

So Ella got out of bed and brushed her tooth, took a quick shower and left for school. Streets were bustling on a Monday morning, traffic was as usual a pain in the butt. Nevertheless, it was just a usual weekday morning to her.

She got to school and went into her drama class, sat in between her two ditzy friends, Marge and Amy and then someone walked in and caught her eye. Prince Charming. The teacher hushed everyone and got them to their seats and she began introducing him and then directed him to the seat behind me. “William Parker” was his name, a transfer from University of Berkeley. A smile from him was more than enough for to melt into a puddle at his feet.

“Hello, I’m William and you are?” He smiled at her. Oh the boyish charms, it was like high school all over again, falling so easily. She swore to herself she was going to prove herself with the three years here that she signed up for, make a name for herself. Hah. 

“Hi, I’m Ella and these are my two friends, Marge and Amy.” I smiled whilst attempting to not make a fool of myself. 

“Cool! Is this your sec-” 

“William! Ella! I would appreciate that the both of you would leave your conversation till the end of class? Detention. Both of you.” Ms Greene shouted. 

I blushed a little with all the attention fixed on the both of us from the class. 

After I left my mind to drift for probably half an hour and once in a while thought about Prin- I mean… William. Such dreamy eyes, such delicious lips, oh what gorgeous hair he has. I could be Juliet and he could be Romeo. Or Rose to her Jack. I should probably think about happier ending to this. But – Nevermind, the bell rung. 

“Hey, El! I’ll see you later then?” He winked as he walked off to his next lesson. 

I feel really really really sleepy. It’s almost 11 at night and hands and mind got a little itchy to type something out. I should be studying right now. But no. 🙂

All she wants is someone to sing and serenade her. Possibly beside her, till she falls into a deep slumber that she hasn’t had for awhile. Someone to calm her down when she gets the nightmares that has been haunting her for years. All she needs is someone. Everyone needs someone…



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