Like a ballerina.

Last night I was at Ballet Under the Stars and it was really good! Whilst watching them do their stuff on stage, I began to think like ‘Hey, what if I continued to learn ballet instead of stopping halfway through Grade 8 and where would I be now? Could I be training to be like the principal dancers at SDT?’ and well I much as I’d love, to start dancing again, long gone were the days where I had the time to dance, the skills for it and even just, the ability to now. (I currently dance like an awkward turtle. Little bit of twerking and definitely “raisin’ the roof”)  

It’s been awhile since I’ve come across people that actually appreciate art like this. Back in the day, learning an instrument and ballet was probably mandatory for little girls as long as the family is able to support a lifestyle like that. Honestly, to be a ballerina like them requires lots of practice and of course certificates to prove it. And all of those builds an extensive repertoire. It was pretty much a game for the rich and hardworking and not to mention, passionate ones as well. 

When I was young, I was well, a really weird little girl. I loved sports and dancing and everything else that didn’t relate to academics. I bet you could still see that within me. Some times I just believed that I just belonged on the stage. I know, it’s a little unrealistic for an environment like Singapore. But nevertheless, I still love it anyway. 

The entire time I was just reminded that I’ve never lost that dream when I was kid and that was to be a ballerina. Hah. Nevertheless, I was blessed with a decade of experience in dancing during my childhood. 



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