I’ve set a new record. 

7 MCs.

Yeah bud, you’ve got it right.
SEVEN FLIPPIN’ DAYS OF MC. (& it cost me my savings for that. I mean seriously, who charges $66 bucks on the first visit and calls themselves Trinity Clinic?! God wouldn’t even pay that kind of money. Because God heals, duh. [hah, not funny] pfft. That wasn’t the only clinic I went to. I might’ve spent a little too much these few days. Oh well.)

Ravishing the last 2 weeks of school before finals and then it’s the long awaited SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. I seriously need at least a week or two to catch up on my sleep. I need sleep. I really need sleep. What’s up with me lately, always needing to sleep. Oh no, it has caught up with me. NOOOOOOOOoooOOoOooOo.

I have decided to blow off ikea later. #sleepovermeatballs Sorry guys. 
(Did mention that lesson is at IKEA? *eyes light up at the thought of meatballs* Oh such joy just that I’m not going. lul)


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