Reality check;

So, it’s down to last two days of week 15. And… I’m not really convinced that September’s coming after next week. 
Nope, not convinced and not prepared. At. All…

These past few weeks have been fairly interesting.  

Spent National Day with the ministry, going out for prayer walks and enjoying the festivities that were ongoing like being super Singaporeans by trying to watch the parade live at the side of the floating platform, peeking through the in-betweens of the SOC trucks/vans (whatever you call it). Amidst the festivities, I realised that there were more foreigners there rather than Singaporeans themselves. You see, if foreigners are much more excited than you, a Singaporean, then something’s up. Right? How is one able to be much more proud of a nation that they reside and work in temporarily while the locals itself treats the day like it’s some ordinary day. What happened to National Pride? As the years go by, the government’s trying varying ways to get it’s people revved up during national day and next year, Singapore’s 50th Birthday, her jubilee year, how ‘Singaporean’ would you be? Surely the government has its shortcomings but we can’t appease all, and also, to be honest, Singapore is a beautiful nation even with it’s boring nightlife. It’s the truth, the nightlife – Clubs, pubs, bars etc. I would really like a 24 hour bowling alley, a roller-rink, a tennis court, and movie theatre. (sorry guys).

The point is what happened to unity amongst the nation, the sense of belongingness?

After that I partied till the sun came out – does playing ‘secret number’ and getting slapped every time you guessed the number correctly a party? Oh, and walked to Gluttons Bay in the middle of the night, I think it was 1:40am to buy some satay to satiate such craving and hunger for it.  Right after that, I made a trip down to the airport. (I guess I can’t really stay away from that place huh?) 

So here’s the round-up to the ridiculous, crazy weekends that I had for the past few weeks. 

Plus, I’m really excited to start booking me some tickets to jet out of here. Plans have been formed. I repeat, plans have been formed. Gonna spend close to a month there so Lord, I pray for mercy. I am heading for… Drum roll please…
CALIFORNIA. Yes, I will be heading for Cali this Winter. Don’t worry, I’ll be a full-on tourist when I get there. I AM TOO EXCITED! I know, it’s barely even the end of August but hey, it’s less than four months till I enjoy the slow pace of life there and of course the food, the shopping, the sightseeing, boy what a sight it’ll be. Cute guys for a whole month. #shamelessIknow But hey, I’m going for more of the sightseeing and shopping. I’ve been wanting to go LA for yeaaaars. And now I finally can. YAY LOW TEMPERATURES AND UH-MAZ-ING SUNRISES AND SUNSETS. 


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