Guess what happened? I failed my driving test. Meh, wasn’t all that important anyway, cause I don’t have a car to drive even after I pass. :/ But in other news, I’m still heading for Bangkok next week. I’m kind of excited but not that much but that’s like what’s left of my holidays as well. Starting working in October. YAY, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE. Ney, weird working timing but reaaaaaaally good pay though. Which is a perk since I’ll be spend ALOT in US. But in any other case, I really need to start saving money. My money’s flowing out like someone who’s hit the jackpot. Gah.

“Hey, you’ve changed a bit since the last time I’ve seen you. But that’s good thing, don’t ever change again, the way you are now is fine.”
Yeah I guess so. Poly changes someone but not entirely. But I’m glad that I’m still me, I guess.

(and now I’m going to watch two broke girls)


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