The highlight of my holidays.
Let me begin from the start of the week. I know it’s almost Thursday but whatevs.

FIRST DAY OF WERK. It’s actually training but I met some nice people too. I’ve basically met a few stars. Po (kungfu panda), the minions, I forgot about a few others. BUT YES. That’s Universal Studios for you. I’ll leave my work adventures for another day.

Tuesday & Wednesday:
ESS.. Eat. Sleep. Shop. Hahah, you thought of the word sh*t right? Nope, I did but hey, I’m in Bangkok. IT’S EAT AND SLEEP AND SHOP, ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

And so, that has been the highlights of my (half) week.

In other news, listen to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran #toogood

And, Ryan Gosling has a daughter. I repeat, Ryan Gosling has a daughter!
Therefore this marks the end of my life. Ha ha ha keeding.
There’s still like Chris Pine, Theo James, Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam etc etc. I just realised, they all have blueish, green-grey eyes. okbye.


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