Years down the road, you’ll find someone and build home with.
Years down the road, I’ll find someone to settle down with.
The last time we met was years ago.
Years later, we meet again.
You’ll say, “How are you?”
And I’ll say, “I’m doing fine.”
But deep some down inside, I’m far far away from fine.

Hours of mindless talking passed, you said, “Hey, I’ve gotta to run.”
I said, “See you around.” but the truth was we’re never going to cross each other’s path.
He said, “Yeah, I’ll see you around” and went straight for the doors
That was the last that I saw of him.
And sometimes I wondered,
if things happened in a different way, would it have made a difference to what I have now?
But I guess that’s a question that’ll be left unanswered.

Three years later, I found my answer.
His arms, wrapped around a beautiful brunette.
Slightly over five foot five, definitely way taller than I was.
Had a personality that could light up the world of the darkest soul.
A smile that could send any guy to his knees,
And pure bliss was written all over his face.
He was the luckiest man alive and I was a girl heading in a different direction.

But then he called out “Hey! I haven’t seen you in awhile.”, pulling me into a hug.
“Yeah, it’s been awhile. I see that you’ve been doing fine yeah?” I put up a weak smile.
“Oh yes, I have.” He began to introduce her and he could go on for awhile.
Then I thought to myself, maybe that’s how people behave when they’re proud of someone and in so love with them.
He briefly introduced me to her and I pulled out the line “Hey, I’ve got to run.”
“Three years has been long. We will meet again, right?” He asked.
Reluctantly, I said “Yes, we will.”
Three years has been too long, but not long enough for me to get away from you.
No more ‘3 years’ to spare.
And after that I never saw him again.

I skipped town. 

I decided to write this cause I was waiting for the spin cycle to end. Initially, I thought that I could probably pen down a song but it turned into a tragedy… Haha, get it? This whole story is a tragedy, written tragically. (okay, shut up fel.)


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