“I do.”

I got to witness two people who are so in love, tying the knot. It’s crazy how even at that point that God was moving so prominently in our lives just right at that point that some (or most) of us just teared or broke down during the video of the engagement and even more when they said their vows.

I remember Mel said: “Jon, I don’t need you. Because I have Jesus Christ, that I can seek refuge and that I love before loving you. But I choose you. I choose you to be my earthly partner, I choose you to be the one that I’ll spend my lifetime with you, I choose you.” (Well, somewhere along there. Can’t remember word for word.)

Their vows were so filled with promises that didn’t centered about themselves. Even if they argued, even if they have disagreements but their vows communicated that it was all about placing God first in this marriage, this union. That He would be the witness to this marriage, and His promises would be fulfilled through their marriage.

I looked around the entire place and women, even men, were tearing. It was crazy, when they played the engagement video, it drove us all crazy and hormonal.

He said: “The moment we sat down in this place talking about us and having a relationship, I knew that you were the One that I would marry.”
(Cue the ‘awwwww’)

It was so sweet. Everyone knew that they were so in love and one could wish that it happened to him/her. It was electrifying when they said “I take (insert name) to be my lawfully wedded (wife/husband), to love and to hold, to cherish in sickness or in health……..”


I could imagine what it would be like if I were to be the one standing at that altar, reciting my vows, giving my life away to someone that I would trust to take care and love me for the rest of my life.

Lord, I pray that I’ll find someone who would love me and cherish me for who I am and that I’ll be able to learn how to love, to be humble and to learn from him, from then till eternity. I pray for a man that would treat me rightly and place You before me, someone who is not afraid to say that Women deserves the same rights as men but he would be the head of the house, dominant when needed and that I will learn to submit to him as a partner, friend and soul mate. Because I know that you are preparing someone for me and you are preparing me for him.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

I know it sounds a tad bit crazy but it is true and I believe it.


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