If I could…

I would. 

So, someone asked me a question today.
“If there were no limits to what you could do, what would you do?”
(No financial restraints, basically, limitless so to speak..)

My answer was:
I would drop everything now, meet you in the pouring rain, kiss you on the sidewalk……..
Lol, but I would drop everything that’s on my hands now and leave the country. For every city that I would go to, I would spend a couple of weeks there to experience the culture there and just enjoy. I would tour the Americas first, then on to Europe, then Africa, Asia (pit stop back at home first), and finally off to Australia.
Then after that I’ll settle down in London, New York or a quaint little city in U.S.
During the entire process, I’ll begin to video down my adventures and probably blog about it.
And do reckless things. ;D

Sounds fun huh?


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