I did it!

Guess who got her driving license?
THIS GURRRRRLLLLLLLL. 👉👧👈IMG_3737.JPGInitially, I thought that I was going to fail cause the tester looked so glum and all even though he was a really good tester. He asked me, “How well did you do today?”. And in my mind I was like “uh oh, I think I’m going to fail uh.” felt super meh the entire time and then he said, “okay, go outside take queue number, 11:30 go watch video.”. I was like what? Take queue number for what? Why 11:30 need to come back and then I looked that the paper and I saw the word ‘PASSED’ in bold. Woah. I actually passed. Yaaaaay! So this girl has her driving license now! Wooooohooooo. I overcame CDC and passed! Hahah, one of the toughest place to pass.

On another note, it’s 29 days till California.
Until then, there’s UT and Camp. #mixedfeelings

PS: It still doesn’t feel like I’ve passed my driving test. Hmm.
Until then..





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