Greetings all,

Hah, that sounded so weird and it looks like I’m sending a mass email. But anywhooze, hello from Sunny California! 🙂 I know it’s been days since I’ve last posted something and it’s not like anyone actually reads this but, hello there!

The past week has been crazy, getting off my flight an hour early at LAX, friends missing their connecting flight but somehow ends up arriving at the same time as their missed flight (their new connecting flight was an hour after their initial flight), getting out of LAX, touring hollywood on foot, attempting to take the public transport to get to another city and many other things that I’m currently unable to say it all at once.

But, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! I know it’s a day late (for me) and I’ve just arrived not long from Yosemite after a long 5 hour ride. Staying awake on the car is the worst. AND WE SURVIVED (the other car broke down halfway here….. :/)

Regardless of which, we’re all here safe and sound. 🙂



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