What I’ve learnt in 2014;

So 2015 have already started and I’ve been thinking that what have I done with my life in 2014?

Here’s a couple things that I’ve learnt from 2014:
1. Dreams are never too big for you.
2. There’s always time to travel.
3. Squares are not necessarily nice on Instagram. (Sorry guys.)
4. It’s never too late to talk to people whom you’ve missed for awhile.
5. It’s okay to be reckless once in awhile.
6. Last minute mugging still doesn’t work.
7. I failed the 52 weeks savings plan because there’s just not much integrity and responsibility in me… (I dig my money out more often than putting money in.. :/)
8. Chipotle is da bomb.
9. I’m starting to have really bad time management.
10. It was a pretty good year.

But in any case, 2014 was a really wonderful year for me other than plot twists lying around at the end of it.


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