It’s good to laugh!

It’s good to laugh… But not at everything of course and definitely never ever to laugh at a funeral. I don’t know about you, but I do want people to at least be smiling at my funeral… So no hard feelings if you laugh, I might just applaud you from heaven.

Anyway, I’ve been scrolling through my posts and I was wondering, ‘What the hell was I thinking at that point of time when I wrote that?!’ and if you were wondering, I don’t really process and collect my thoughts before posting it. I would most probably be writing what I felt in that moment in time and later thinking like ‘Seriously?! That’s the best you’ve got?!’ and probably in the next few days I’ll laugh at this as well. :/

Laughing is a good motivation, it is also a good memory keeper because whenever you laugh at something, chances are, that you would be remember what you laughed at. However, I have goldfish memory. Unless it was something ridiculously funny, I would remember it. Otherwise, sorry man. Better luck next time.

Laughing is also good your silliness. For example: I messed up my O level chinese oral and I panicked. Two minutes into it, I started laughing at myself and guess what, the testers laughed too. #jokesonme Oh well, at least I laughed at the fact that I can’t screw up anymore… or at least I thought I didn’t.

Top ten embarrassing moments: Laughing at myself. (Oh damn, I’m too funny. HAHAHAHA)

Laughing is also good for heartbreak, for coming to a realisation that you’re being stupid for falling for a jerk like that. (Sorry guys, but you do know that if one of your brothers break a girl’s heart, the rest of you would be treated equally right?) Or that you’ve been friend zoned… Or the worst would be… Nah, let’s not go there.

Laughing is not only good for unwinding but it also relieves tension that you’re been feeling, be it emotionally or physically. Personally? I feel that laughing too much twists your stomach up that your abs and whatever muscles that exists causes tension within you. Yep, that tension. Like clenching for dear life as if you’re going to be/are constipated.

And of course, laughing at the joke that I am for trying to type something meaningful up here but instead, what a load gibberish I just spend ten minutes write and laughing at you for reading this whole thing for the past five minutes.

Have a good day.


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