The thrills; 

The thrills of being on stage. 

Kids, if you’ve ever seen me – your mom or aunt singing or performing on stage, remember that I had my time as a thrill-seeker. 

Usually, thrill-seekers are those that are rollercoaster enthusiasts or really extreme people. For me, going up on stage performing was a thrill. To me it was my drug. I was unfazed by the crowd that’s sitting below watching me. There was once I was even immune to people watching me because I didn’t thought that there was anyone around. Treated them like they weren’t there at all. It was fun because I had all the attention towards me for five minutes. Plus, back in school, you had to be thick-skinned. But that being said, I was the go-to girl when they needed someone to sing at school functions. I’d like to say that it was an honour but I didn’t like it. Why? Because certain people didn’t appreciate it. By that I mean, people were busy talking and eating instead of listening. Oh well. 

For awhile, I got to be who I really was, teachers and friends were encouraging me, had my mini group of friends that were my ‘fans’, ‘supporters’. It was enjoyable, and I was and still am thankful for that. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for supporting me in my dreams. Thank you for giving me the strength to pursue what I love to do. 

I used to have this friend in school who was really encouraging towards me. I think, and it was a competition called ‘Don’t forget the lyrics’ mandarin version. It’s actually rigged. Hahaha, we set the songs and the information was shared amongst competitors. Nevermind about that, I was in the second round due to certain circumstances and had to bow out of the competition and he was sitting at the back giving me his full attention and after I was done, he clapped the loudest amongst the rest of them. #iwaspopularbackthen Not to mention, he stood up as well and applaud while the rest was happy as well. #awwsosweet #mynumberonefan ever since I competed with almost the same few people each year, I somehow always ended second except for the year. But,  I’m really glad to have (almost) the entire cohort cheering for me. 

It was all in the name of fun and games and winning ‘best class award’. 😁 #ivegotthiscovered

It’s crazy to recall the times when I sang my heart out like no one was watching. It’s funny though, how I have grown from it. But I loved what I did. The feeling of being so free to express my likes and to be who I am is so redefining. 

If you’re asking me if I missed the days like these? You bet I do. 

I miss doing reckless things, things that didn’t needed to think of its repercussions, to be free from liabilities and responsibilities, to feel so alive. I’d hate to admit it but, when age chases up, you’ll lose a few things in life, you’ll miss you in some of the most incredible stories from your life and the people around you and you’d lose a piece of yourself along the way. 

Being a thrill seeker doesn’t have to be going on crazy rides but finding what you truly love to do and defy the limitations, be exhilarated! 


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