I’m still alive, thank you.

Why hello all you lovely people who stalks my blog… *creek-creek*

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated and I finally have the time to do so! *pops confetti* So I guess you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to and my answer to that is… Nothing much. Hah, I kid. I’ve been doing a little planning for my post internship trip wondering when I will ever fulfil my heart’s desires. Lol, it’s just a really good distraction from work and make it seem that there’s something to look forward to. 😌 Honestly, work doesn’t take a large mental capacity, but more of being able to take it physically.

Over the past six weeks, I think I’ve grown a little and probably have matured in my thinking just by a little bit and I was able to grasp the realities of a working life. To be working full time is so much different than a casual/part-timer. Trust me on this, it’s not easy at all. You meet so many people everyday that you grow to discern certain people and their attitudes/behaviours, people who would step on your toes, the others that you’d brush against and the ones that are willing to help you in your journey to advancing further.

It’s crazy how you can meet so many people within such a short time that you would either make it or break it. Definitely, first impressions really count but, how you carry yourself and the effort that you’d push yourself further matters more. The marketplace is like a battlefield – supervisors are like your platoon leaders, managers are your commanders and then, there’s the other people.

1. People who oversteps their boundaries – The ones that pokes their noses into other department’s business and think that they have jurisdiction over your section and duties when your superior isn’t around. They are really common in this line because everyone thinks that it’s so darn easy to allocate people into different duties.

2. People who thinks that it’s their right – You might ask, what ‘right’ do I mean. The ones that thinks that it’s their right to boss you around because you’re the ‘new guy’ or that it’s their right to give you shitload of attitude on your first few days at a new department, and that it’s their right that whatever they say should be right, that we have no say in it and believed by our superiors.
(People like that are completely crap and one simply should not tolerate the bullshit that the person gives to you. What you should do is to tell your superiors about it.)

3. People who thinks that we don’t know, but we do – a.k.a Backstabbing. Okay, so not everybody catches the hint immediately but you’ll eventually realise that the smile that the person gives to you everyday when you walk past them is fake and you’ll realise that it’s all a lie. Kidding, but you get the point. 

4. People that doesn’t really care – You get it right? 

Over time, you’ll grow to learn that the marketplace is really all the art of survival or being ignorant or that it’s a complicated situation to be in. You’ll learn to react to different situations on your feet and they’ll be the right decisions that you’d make. Probably. The ultimate is to adapt to situations and environment, no matter how much you’d hate it or it hates you, you have no choice but to suck it up.

BUT, my experience isn’t how I’ve described it, it’s much better but this is what I’ve observed from my time in the field. Time and work changes you. Even you don’t notice it, but eventually you’d grow to learn and know for yourself that there will be people who will try to bring you down and you’ll have to pick yourself up and carry on. The perks are that you become more organised and develop certain habits and also, responsible.

So here’s to another six more weeks left here before I leave! 🍻


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