Mr Lee

I grew up in a nation where people were constantly in their busy lifestyle – working or studying and there wasn’t any time to appreciate what we have except for National Day where people would gather in front of the TV to watch the live telecast of the parade. When I was young, I’d often be really excited to watch the parade and see the people who attended and as the years passed, I grew to learnt that what we have seen now, the beautiful and modern Singapore that everyone sees and love, wasn’t built overnight. Even though there were times when we’ve all came to a point where we might’ve once said that they want to leave Singapore, but I have to say, that even though Singapore has been through its ups and downs, reformations, and policies that may have been flawed but without them, we would never have come this far to be who we are right now. From a fishing village to a vibrant bustling city, business centre, shipping port, thank you, Mr Lee. Without you, we might’ve still been a third world country, many of us would’ve never gotten a proper education, a roof over our heads, a safe nation to be in, a country that we could be proud of for achieving so much in 50 years.

And for that, you are a legend and your legacy lives on. Your dreams and visions inspire us and a visionary that envisioned what Singapore has become today. I honour you, that you have spent your life building and fighting for a better nation for everyone and laid the foundations to an effective and just government to serve this nation.

Thank You Mr Lee, for serving this nation and its people.


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