Dear _ ,

In everything, I choose to celebrate your victories, your happiness and your life. It’s crazy how we’ve come so far, knowing each other for over a decade. I don’t say this often, but I treasure this friendship even though there’s nothing more to it.

Today I’ll find closure. I promise that today will be the last day that I’ll ever think of you. In a strange way, I might’ve thought that we were something more because of the little things that you’ve done and read a little too much into it.

I remember convincing myself that I hated you and unknowingly, I fell for you or maybe the idea of you. You checked all the boxes that I didn’t know I had, my mother adored and somehow, you became the benchmark for the future man to meet that would walk into my life.

There’s one thing that I’m sure of is that at a point of time, I loved you.

I know it’s not fair for me to blame you that the future men that I’ll meet in my life would remind me of you in little ways. Because I did meet someone that loved me in the way you did and it hurts. It reminds me how I’m not good enough for you.

But I’m okay, truly am. Today would be the last day that you’ll have part of my heart. Today will be the day I’m letting go.

If you wanted to know if I had any regrets, I did. I regretted not letting myself love, I regretted not telling you how I felt, I regretted allowing myself to become skeptic when it comes to love and relationships but I never regretted knowing you.

Thank you for everything – life lessons, strange advices and being a friend.

I’m glad that you found her and I wish you all the best, goodbye.



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