The end of an era.

It’s a Tuesday evening, making my way to Chinatown to have dinner with my parents and being on the Downtown Line at this hour is a blessing because there are seats and good air-conditioning.

Is technology replacing the way we manage our friendships? We no longer communicate face to face regularly but it’s through text messaging, phone calls, tweets and Facebook wall writing. Sure it’s convenient but does it truly convey your message?

So as I’m sitting down, beside and across me are people busy with their phones and gadgets. Something has got to be that interesting right? I mean, on my Facebook feed, I must’ve scrolled through a thousand times and they are same old things that you see every day and somehow I’m always wasting data scrolling through things like that. Drama, news, dirty pictures and whole lot of others.

Apart from that, we’re always plugged in to our phones once we’re on our way to some place, shutting ourselves from the world. We call it ‘me time’ but truthfully, through the use of technology, we could use it to divert all awkwardness when you’ve got nothing good to do with your hands or you can’t stare into space for a long time.

I’ve noticed that even as we gather with our friends or family, there would at least be half of the people are constantly on their phone until their food arrives or after they’re done with the meal.

Is it true that social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line etc is more important than living in the moment with your loved ones and creating real and actual memories? Eventually when you lose interest in the things that you’ve seen on social media, you’d think of the times when you’ve called someone out for coffee to get to know them better rather through the profile on platforms that doesn’t show you the full picture.

My friends, there are so much more to life than looking through a person’s profile and jumping to conclusions. Friendships are more than tagging them in a picture that you took awhile ago quoting “I miss them so much, let’s meet soon.” and the initiative wasn’t carried out. I know I am guilty of doing everything above, but I do hope by putting your phone aside and have a meaningful conversation with someone would be life-changing! 🙂

Coffee with someone isn’t a lost trait but probably a dying one, meet up with your pals to catch up on the good ol’ days. Friendships and relationships are more than your social media profile.



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