There’s more to this right?

If you’re like me, haven’t dated anyone before you must be wondering, “Is there really that something that someone else has that I don’t?” and honestly, I’m looking for that something. I’ve been wondering, what is that ‘something’ that she (other girls) have that I don’t?

So tell me, what’s not attractive about me because I am not going to feel bad and change because of your tastes. But seriously, at the end of the day it all boils down to probable gravitational laws and a guy’s initiative isn’t it? You see, if a guy (any guy) has a motivation to win a pretty girl’s heart, he’d do anything. Yes? And ultimately win her heart.

If you say, the heart matters a lot, how she carries herself matters then how am I different? I feel that I’m okay, I feel that I’m definitely good for someone, I am who I am and it’s not enough?

I want my fairytale ending. If not, I want to experience what being in a relationship is like. I don’t want to stay on the sidelines watching people falling in love, creating their next chapter of life together and sometimes finding love is as simple as walking to the coffee shop a couple blocks from your home but it just isn’t happening to me.

Am I really that blind or are my walls so high that it’s impossible to get close to know me?

You see, when you’re in a perpetual friend zone like me ever since the day I was born, you’d understand that there are some things that are your limits like way before hooking up with someone at the bar and grinding on someone at a club. Maybe I have physical contact issues. Last I checked, nope. That’s not how I’ll ‘find’ someone.

I’m willing to put myself out there but I am scared but this is the way of life. As long as my heart is ready. My minds says yes and my heart says maybe.

Am I really going to wait a man to come and sweep me off my feet or steal my heart given the benefit of doubt if men are able to be… Enchanting.

So enlighten me, there are so much more than just this right?


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