The cry of a Generation

Long gone were the days that we stood at the altar cried out for revival.

Strange that those were our younger days. But what makes it even stranger is that we moved on from it and it was okay. Different phases through this journey but how has it been from “This is my passion.” to “This is not my season of focus anymore.”?

Azusa Now stirred up a hunger and passion for the call of the Great Awakening in our generation for people to turn to Christ. A crowd of 120,000 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, all in one accord to cry out for a Great Awakening but what’s going to happen after that? People would return to their lives, continue with their routine but that shouldn’t be it. This should be our daily cry that until He moves, this should be part of our routine.

This is my cry, to see my friends and family saved, to see nations turn to the King of kings.

The cry of my generation is to see revival happen right before our eyes, to be so in tune with Him that it starts from us. We are not satisfied with what we’ve heard, the stories that has been passed on from generation before us and we want to happen this time through us.


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