Hello friends, we meet again.

Lately I’ve been caught up in a lot of things – Internship, ministry, self-growth and my heart. I love what’s going on in my life and what’s going to happen. But my heart feels heavy. It feels that if I slip up and I wouldn’t be the same old Fel that everyone know, that if I said something wrong I’d be stoned (just a metaphor), that if I became too conscious of what I did and people would judge me for it and even if I didn’t cared about what the world thinks, I would still be distracted by the thoughts of my friends that they have of me.

I know that they love me, they do.

But I fear the day that they’ll stop, that they’ll turn their backs on me, that I’m no longer good enough. That I’ll become unimportant in their lives.

I refuse to let my heart get caught in the things of this world.
I refuse to let thoughts dictate my actions and behaviours.
I refuse to allow the devil to play with my mind.
I refuse to be moved if He doesn’t move me.

Until I find myself fully in You again.


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