It’s been a year!!!

MILESTONE THO!!It’s too early for throwbacks but WHO CARES. 😬👍🏼

A year ago, I walked away from my life here and went away to ‘discover’ my life and purpose and those three months I spent aboard was refreshing and it was so simple that it felt strange that everything was over within weeks. I saw/learnt/grew so so much during the entire time there!!!

But my point is not this. 

My point is that I couldn’t have finished #165daysofinternship abroad without community! And yes, I’m still very thankful that most of y’all came down at 6am to send me off. HAHAHA (This was ‘the last last supper’) my love for dim sum is so so real.

#vsco #thelastsupper #community #ivegotthatonething #internlife


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