Well this is bad. I honestly don’t know how or why but I never really finish my posts. So the other day I was at this wedding and I decided to type a really really long post about all of that and just yesterday I saw it and decided to close the app on my phone without saving my draft. It honestly wasn’t a lot of things just random thoughts and all of that but regardless of which, I just didn’t finish my draft and it went into the trash. *cues sad face*

At the moment, I’m at this youth camp running a couple of stuff and it’s just a couple of hours more till we break camp and I’m really really tired. So many things have had happened over the two days and there’s just so many thoughts that I have and reservations with regards to the trip that’s happening in 16 more days. Omg, 2 more weeks and everything will come to an end by then. This is way too scary. We’ve all been waiting for this day to come and we’re really excited and I don’t know what or how to feel when it’s all over.

Nevertheless, I think I’m still thankful and happy at the moment.


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