I think this is where I say goodbye to the unnecessary where I will stop looking for the moment when you walk in, causing my heart grief. This is where it all ends. I am done with setting my heart and mind on things that was never meant for me. Like how Nate waited and longed for Serena. Sorry to throw the GG analogy in but, you get the idea right?

It’s done, I’m done. This is enough.


Fixing what’s broken.

Hello again! I’m typing this with about 10% left of juice on my laptop before all things fall apart. Just kidding. Anyway, fixing what’s broken. 

I think that somedays when we see how broken people are on the streets, in your class, at your workplace and they look like they’re holding up pretty well on the outside but on the inside it just seems like there’s something that they’re lacking and being human looks a little like trying to pick up the pieces just because we like to fix things, we like to clean up messes at times or even out do ourselves every time something goes wrong. As real and truthful that I can put this, we can’t fix everything because we’re only human. But we just can’t help but to want to fix stuff.

I do that too, whenever I see that there’s something that I think I can do to help to make things much better than it was but I can’t do everything which is alright. I try to fix people. I’m not saying that they’re irreparable or that they need fixing but on somedays it’s pretty easy to catch on and see that people are hurting, going through a season, screaming on the inside needing help. Not entirely because they need help. They don’t but I think that they do.

What attracts us about someone’s brokenness is that we think that we’re able to fix things and they’ll be alright after. We’re not wrong, they’re not wrong. Our inclination is to patch things up and move along with life or think about the damage that’s been done.

But some things just cannot be fixed. We always think about the past and what we’ve all had – the good times and we’d definitely love to go back to the beauty of it all but it just can’t be salvaged.

Life is a lesson that you can’t always fix things and aside from being unable to fix things, what’s mended could be broken again – over and over again like a vicious cycle. So why? Why do we even try? Apart from moral obligations, I feel that it’s some times the things that we did in the past and been through that we don’t want to see someone else experiencing the things that were our mistakes.

Kinda Complicated

Well, I’m back. Not for the long run. But anyway, hello again.

It’s yet another time and season of the year that I live through and this just so happens my down and dull season. I’m trying very hard not to overthink this but the brain is a funny being and my heart’s not cooperating well with that. I’ve struggled with the thought of my feelings in general and most of the time it’s spent at night, on my bed thinking.

Catching feelings is a real issue, it really is.

All these time I’ve spent picking myself up to literally get a grip and move on. Well sad to say is that I might’ve fallen back into the pit unknowingly. It’s strange for me that I took a couple of years to move on and then after a year or so to fall into the same situation again.

I need help, or a clearer sign that he is who he’s going to be in my life in the future.

I’m scared that I’ve misread the signs.

Here’s all the reasons I could find to say…

I will never be good enough for you.

For one, I find it hard to believe that I’m good enough in the midst of many others whom are way better than me in a million different ways. There are smarter, funny and definitely much more charming girls out there than me.

I would never be the girl that you’ve always dreamt of.

Never. As hard as I try, I might’ve met a couple of the girls that you’ve fallen in love with for the past few years that I might’ve known you and knowing the kind of the girls that you’ve dated, I would never be one of them. If you’ve known from the start that I was that girl that you’ve dreamt of, we wouldn’t be here right now.

But why do I say that I’m not good enough?

It’s because I don’t rely on guys, I count on my gut and my own strength to get things done.

It’s because I come across self-sufficient.

It’s because I’m independent.

It’s because I don’t filter my words.

It’s because I don’t behave like a girl’s supposed to.

It’s because I actually think (and partly because I hate looking stupid).

It’s because I’m prideful to say that it’s better to be together with someone than to be alone.

It’s because I failed to realise how alone it is to be around everyone else.

It’s because it’s hard to play it cool.

It’s because these are my insecurities.

I long to look into someone’s eyes lovingly and as he looks back at me, I know that I’m his pride and joy regardless of what I am.

I don’t want to meet your expectations. It’s tough. But I can’t be who you want me to be, because that’ll not be me anymore. I don’t want that.

As much as I’d hate to say it but out of everything that’s before you, why would you even see me, why am I seeking approval?

Honestly speaking, I’m not pretty, I have a couple of talents which I’m sure that there’s many more out there that are much more talented than me.

Here’s my single tear to the one person who will see me and find me, I pray that you’ll fight for me, that you’ll choose to love me, that in all things that you’ll choose me.

I don’t know what works, I don’t know what helps but it bugs me to think that am I really that bad of a person to go through something like this? But maybe it’s just me.

I don’t have a reason for you to choose me.

And I never will.

Well this is bad. I honestly don’t know how or why but I never really finish my posts. So the other day I was at this wedding and I decided to type a really really long post about all of that and just yesterday I saw it and decided to close the app on my phone without saving my draft. It honestly wasn’t a lot of things just random thoughts and all of that but regardless of which, I just didn’t finish my draft and it went into the trash. *cues sad face*

At the moment, I’m at this youth camp running a couple of stuff and it’s just a couple of hours more till we break camp and I’m really really tired. So many things have had happened over the two days and there’s just so many thoughts that I have and reservations with regards to the trip that’s happening in 16 more days. Omg, 2 more weeks and everything will come to an end by then. This is way too scary. We’ve all been waiting for this day to come and we’re really excited and I don’t know what or how to feel when it’s all over.

Nevertheless, I think I’m still thankful and happy at the moment.

It’s been a year!!!

MILESTONE THO!!It’s too early for throwbacks but WHO CARES. 😬👍🏼

A year ago, I walked away from my life here and went away to ‘discover’ my life and purpose and those three months I spent aboard was refreshing and it was so simple that it felt strange that everything was over within weeks. I saw/learnt/grew so so much during the entire time there!!!

But my point is not this. 

My point is that I couldn’t have finished #165daysofinternship abroad without community! And yes, I’m still very thankful that most of y’all came down at 6am to send me off. HAHAHA (This was ‘the last last supper’) my love for dim sum is so so real.

#vsco #thelastsupper #community #ivegotthatonething #internlife

T H E  H E A R T  M A T T E R S  ( I ).

I don’t know if my heart feels right or aligned.
But it’s in unrest, not at peace.

But I’ve been reading ‘Dear My Blank’ again and my heart feels tired and a little weary. Everyone has a story and that’s a good place if you’d want to feel a whole lot of emotions.

My heart’s been tired and ran over by the same few cycles of hoping for things that doesn’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been bruised and beaten.

I’m tired. I just want this to go away. Deep down, there’s jealousy and envy and probably a little bit of bitterness. But I don’t want this.